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    Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies

    Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective societies SC6

    Europe is facing a number of important social, economic and political challenges. It has to rise to the challenges posed by global interdependencies and unprecedented transformations, which strongly affect its capacity to ensure economic growth and more jobs, social stability and a recognised diplomatic position in world matters. However, it suffers from sluggish growth, difficulties to effectively implement structural reforms in favour of innovation and employment and increasing scepticism among citizens, especially young people, that Europe may not be well-equipped to get quickly out of the crisis.

    The first aim is to gain a greater understanding of the societal changes in Europe and of their impact on social cohesion and to analyse and develop social, economic and political inclusion and positive inter-cultural dynamics in the EU and with international partners, through cutting-edge science and inter-disciplinarity, technological advances and organisational innovations. 

    The second aim is to foster the development of innovative societies and policies in Europe through the engagement of citizens, civil society organisations, enterprises and users in research and innovation and the promotion of coordinated research and innovation policies. 

    The third aim is to contribute to an understanding of Europe's intellectual basis.


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