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    Health, demographic change and wellbeing


    The Horizon 2020 societal challenge of ‘health, demographic change and wellbeing’ SC1 


    The choice to focus on personalising health and care is informed by the ageing of the European population, an increasing communicable and non-communicable disease burden and the fall-out from the economic crisis. In combination, these factors are jeopardising the sustainability and equity of European health and care systems, on which Europe already spends nearly 10% GDP.

    The personalising health and care call aims to create opportunities for real breakthrough research and radical innovation in response to these challenges, by supporting the translation of findings into the clinic and other health and care settings to improve health outcomes, reduce health inequalities and to promote active and healthy ageing.

    Taken together, work to be supported by these topics will improve our understanding of the causes and mechanisms underlying health, healthy ageing and disease; improve our ability to monitor health and to prevent, detect, treat and manage disease; support older persons to remain active and healthy; and test and demonstrate new models and tools for health and care delivery. In doing so, support will be provided to research and innovation performers, 

    Societal challenge 1 is also implemented by the continuation and extension of a variety of activities not included in this work programme, the innovative medicines initiative (IMI), the European and developing countries clinical trials partnership (EDCTP) and the active and assisted living programme3 (AAL). Topics in this work programme also respond to the priorities of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing4 (EIP-AHA). Further appropriate stakeholder and public engagement will be organised.


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